The Red Elephant

become a partner

The Red Elephant is always looking for organizations to partner with to help spread our mission and engage, educate and empower more women across the globe.

Partnerships come in the form of charity partners, which implement our program model in communities around the world, and corporate partners, which enable us to better reach donors.

If you are interested in partnering with us or know of an organization that might be interested, please contact us at

Charity partners

To become a partnered charity with The Red Elephant, you must be an eligible donee, as determined by Canada Revenue Agency. You must be a registered charity:

  • that is not subject to a suspension of tax-receipting privileges;
  • that is not subject to a security certificate under the Charities Registration (Security Information) Act;
  • that has no unpaid liabilities under the Act of Excise Tax Act;
  • that has filed all of its information returns; and
  • of which more than 50% of the members of the board of directors or trustees deal at arm’s length with each member of the board of directors or trustees of the particular charity.

As a partner of The Red Elephant, we would support your on-the-ground work in the communities you are active in, by giving you the tools necessary to implement our model of programming.

To apply for partnership, organizations must:

  1. Complete The Red Elephant’s partnership application
  2. Upon approval of the partnership application, The Red Elephant will draft a memorandum of understanding (MOU) outlining the nature of the partnership between The Red Elephant and your organization.
  3. Following the approval and signing of the MOU document by both parties, you will receive a partnership package detailing our projects. Included in this package is a project proposal document that must be completed for each specific project.
  4. Complete The Red Elephant’s project proposal, which supplies us with detailed information about the project you hope to undertake and how you will use funding provided by The Red Elephant.
  5. Once this project proposal is approved, you must agree to the terms detailed in the project contract. This contract specifies a detailed reporting process that must be followed, to ensure The Red Elephant stays accountable to its donors.
  6. Once the above steps are completed, The Red Elephant will remit payment to allow you to implement our program model in your host communities!

While it seems like a great deal of paperwork, we have streamlined the process to make it as simple, intuitive, reflective and rewarding as possible — for your organization and ours.

Apply for partnership by downloading and completing the partnership application.

Corporate partners

The Red Elephant relies on donations to sustain its programming. While financial donations allow The Red Elephant to expand its programming around the world, in-kind donations from corporate partners are also appreciated.

The Red Elephant will entertain corporate partnerships for items regularly used by the charity, including packaging materials for its bath and body products, office supplies and promotional materials.

Corporate partnerships are a great way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and show your clients that you are committed to enhancing the health and well-being of females around the world.